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One of the most serious threats to your home's property value and upkeep costs is a damaged, leaking roof. We're here to make sure you have someone who knows how to identify and fix current issues while helping you avoid costly problems in the future.

We have decades of experience repairing and maintaining roofs of all kinds, including asphalt shingle and synthetic slate. Whether you need an emergency repair after a bad storm or an annual checkup looking for loose shingles and age-related wear and tear, our experienced professionals know exactly how to return your roof to prime condition.

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Many homeowners neglect vital upkeep and maintenance until they see proof of water damage or dry-rot damage brought on by leaks.

By taking a proactive approach and preventing roof leaks before they happen, you can save on costly repairs that could have been avoided in the first place. Annual checkups and post-storm inspections can prevent you from a lot of future headaches and unnecessary bills.

When you do see evidence of roof leaks, it's important to act on it right away. But before you have those damaged shingles replaced, it's best to have an experienced professional inspect your roof to ensure the problem doesn't go deeper. If your underlayment or decking is damaged, replacing a few shingles will just be a waste of your money.

The only thing worse than paying for a roof repair is paying for it twice. With one call to us, we'll make sure your roof is thoroughly inspected and properly repaired the first time.

Call us to perform an intensive inspection to find out if a patch will prolong your roof's lifespan without causing subsequent further damage.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks

Dripping ceilings, crumbling drywall, and moldy corners are all signs that your home is experiencing moderate to severe roof leaks that should be inspected and addressed as soon as possible. Ignoring them is only going to lead ever increasing drains on your time and money.
But not all roof leaks are obvious - they can build up for quite some time before leaving noticeable stains on your ceilings or walls.

There is some good news, however. The vast majority of leaks aren't the result of a roof that's failing entirely and needs to be replaced. Most leaks can be resolved with repairs. Taking care of a roof leak as soon as you notice it can help prevent further deterioration, allowing you to avoid replacing your whole roof.

Missing or damaged shingles, compromised seams, and debris in your downspouts are some of the most common causes of roof leaks. Other causes include poor installation, improper sealant, and ineffective repairs. Lastly, a leaky roof may indicate other underlying issues like damaged decking or a deteriorating underlayment.

Read on to learn a little more about the five most common causes of roof leaks.


A particularly common cause of roof leaks involves your roof's flashing - the thin metal sheeting installed under the shingles to create a water-resistant barrier. This metal flashing seals small roof gaps and protects the area surrounding roof penetrations. Over time, the tar used to seal the flashing together can deteriorate, exposing it to the wind and rain. This exposure causes the flashing to crack, allowing leaks to form. The better your flashing, the fewer leaks you'll have, so contact us today for a free estimate.


Your shingles are your first layer of protection against the weather. While underlayment and flashing help, broken or missing shingles will eventually lead to a leak. Damaged shingles also happen to be the easiest part of your roofing system to identify. Shingles are made to take a beating, but they can become damaged or displaced by bad weather, improper installation, or simply age. Calling us at the first sign of deterioration will help avoid the problem getting worse.

Roof Valleys

Valleys are found wherever two planes of your roof meet. These areas have major potential for roof leaks because water can pool if their sealant has been compromised. Whether damaged by storms, deteriorated over time, or simply improperly sealed in the first place, an inspection of your roof's valleys may reveal the cause of your leaks or prevent new ones from forming. Contact us today for an inspection and estimate, and we'll make sure this important component of your roofing system is as it should be.


Gutters have the all-important task of channeling water away from your home. When your gutters get clogged this doesn't happen. When they're clogged, they can't perform properly, leading to a whole host of issues like damaged shingles, fascia, or even larger structural problems. For example, your home's soffit is one of the toughest areas to waterproof, and when your gutters are clogged, an ice dam can form. Water then pools behind the dam and works its way back up under the shingles until it finds an opening through your roof. Issues like this can be devastating if not managed properly, so take a moment to contact us below for your inspection and estimate.

If your home needs roof repair, don't delay!

The cost of repairing a roof is only a fraction of the potential loss that could result to your home's interior, furnishings and possessions. Contact us to inspect your roof, and make needed repairs to flashing, caulking, and shingles before the winter or storm season arrives.

Will my Homeowner's Insurance cover roof repairs?

Home coverage policies commonly cover roof harm resulting from fire, vandalism, and "acts of God," together with hurricanes and tornadoes. Whether they will pay for harm as a result of wind, rain or hail is decided via your coverage and the age of your roof. If a leaky roof isn't maintained properly, an insurer may not cover the damage.

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