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We have the experience to build pole barns and buildings, garages, barns, or any other outdoor structure you may need.

Zillweger Contracting provides complete building solutions for all types of accessory structures including garages, pavilions, post-frame buildings also known as pole buildings or pole barns, and more. From simple to complex projects, residential to commercial we can design a building to fit any need. We offer an entire range of services from planning and budgeting, to site selection, permitting, excavation, and construction.

Why Choose a Pole Barn?

Post-frame buildings like pole barns are so popular because of how versatile they are. From warehouses to workshops, garages to storage units, they can be used for virtually any purpose you need. And with options like flooring, plumbing, and electrical, you can make them every bit as comfortable as your own home.

Cost Efficient

Straightforward construction, economical design, and low maintenance costs.


Our team delivers post frame buildings that are built to last using quality materials and expert construction.

Energy Efficient

Wide spacing between vertical posts & deeper wall cavities allows for additional insulation.

Custom Builds That Fit Your Needs

Accessory structures such as garages and pole barns sound like simple builds, but people that have decided to tackle the job themselves are often surprised to find that it isn't as easy as they thought! You need someone who knows what they're doing to make sure it gets done right. We've got the experience no matter what kind of accessory building you need. We can excavate the site and pour a concrete foundation, and we can add extras like siding, flooring, insulation, water, and electrical. Everything you need, all from one contractor.

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