Excavating Services

excavating services in Butler PA

Property upgrades that will protect your home for generations.

For new home construction projects, we offer quality construction grading that preps your property for our new home.

Benefits of our Excavating Services

The right excavating services ensure your property stays flood- and erosion-resistant for years to come, while providing a solid foundation for all your construction projects, be it a new patio, garage, or a brand new home.


Whether your installing new or repairing existing water, sewer, and service lines, our experienced excavating experts have got you covered.


Working on a landscaping project? Installing a new garage, driveway, or patio? Our equipment and experience will have your property professionally graded and ready for your new project in no time.

French Drains

Ideal for channeling large amounts of water away from your home and surrounding property, we have years of experience excavating and installing French drains of all sizes.

Retaining Walls

A great way to stabilize your landscaping and prevent erosion, we handle excavation and installation of a wide variety of retaining walls.

Lot Clearing

Lot clearing takes an experienced eye and dependable equipment. Zillweger is the trusted excavating contractor that can have your lot prepped for sale or construction on time and on budget.

Retaining Walls

What's included:


All properties settle, shift, and erode over time. A quality retaining wall from Zillweger not only looks amazing and adds value to your home, it stabilizes your landscaping and prevents erosion, helping you protect your investment over the long-term.


Zillweger is your full-service excavating contractor, providing quality retaining wall installation designed to stand the test of time.


Our highly experienced excavators will walk you through the entire excavation process to ensure your retaining wall does its job properly for decades to come.

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