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Your Full-Service Basement & Attic Remodeling & Renovation Contractor

Your basement and attic are the two rooms of your home with the most untapped potential. From offices, dens, and hobby rooms to family game rooms, man caves, spare bedrooms, and bathrooms, you're only limited by your imagination! 

A finished basement or attic is the best way to expand the square footage of your home with a comfortable, beautifully designed living space.
Your basement and attic also require an experienced contractor that can ensure proper insulation and waterproofing. Their locations at the very top and bottom of your home make these rooms prone to a host of issues that must be taken care of the right way to ensure your new living space stays dry and comfortable for years to come.

With Zillweger, you have a trusted, experienced full-service contractor that can handle every aspect of your basement or attic remodel, from ceiling to floor, electrical to plumbing!


The right flooring really gives your basement and attic a finished feel. Our expert flooring installers have years of experience with ceramic, hardwood, laminate, and more, always ensuring a quality installation that you can be proud of. 


Your basement or attic is the ideal place for an extra bathroom or half-bath, which can do wonders for your home's resale value. Our experienced plumbers are experts at tapping into your home's existing plumbing to provide beautifully finished bathrooms your guests and family will love.


Most every basement and attic renovation requires some thorough electrical work to ensure you have ideal lighting and plenty of outlets. We'll come up with a robust electrical plan that covers all the bases, installed safely and efficiently by our experienced electrical contractors.

What's a Basement/Attic Remodel with Zillweger Like?

  • We offer design suggestions based on the latest trends
  • We provide a variety of top-quality materials to choose from
  • We handle every aspect of your renovation, including plumbing, electrical, and flooring
  • We ensure your basement/attic is fully waterproofed and insulated
  • We easily adapt to new ideas and unforeseen developments
  • We ensure the peace of mind that only a company serving Greater Pittsburgh for over 20 years can provide
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