New Roof Installation

New Roof Installation

new roof in Moon Township

Providing expert roofing installation services for over 20 years

Zillweger Contracting has over 20 years of experience providing the best in roofing replacement and installation, using quality materials and the latest equipment, all designed to help you protect your largest investment - your home.

What's more, Zillweger has been a  Residential Roofing SELECT ShingleMaster™ (SSM) since 2013. Provided by North America's leading brand of building materials, this significant distinction requires additional education and accreditation, allowing us to provide you with the very best in roofing materials, extended warranty coverage, and more.

The Benefits of Your New Roof

A new roof is the most important investment you can make in your home. From increased property value to vital home protection that leads to long-term savings on energy and repairs, it's also the smartest investment you can make.

Higher Resale

Few things improve a home's value more than a new roof. It's the first question homebuyers ask, and it's the first item on your home's long list of attractive selling points.

Greater Protection

Your new roof's ability to protect your home can't be overstated. It helps safeguard from attic to basement against storm damage, severe weather, invading pests, and mold growth.

Long-Term Savings

Energy bills have a major impact on what it costs to run your home every month. A new roof keeps you insulated, ventilated, and helps avoid or mitigate countless future repair costs.

If your home needs a new roof, don't delay!

Your New Roof Installation

What's included:

Roofing Choices

As part of your new roof installation, we help you find the type of roofing material that fits your durability needs and the appearance of your home. We work closely with several materials manufacturers so that homeowners can enjoy added warranties and peace of mind regarding the safety and quality of your new roof. Learn more about roofing choices and selection.

Underlayment and Ice Dam Protection

A full replacement of the waterproof barrier attached to the decking, including a barrier to prevent ice build-up.

Thorough Preparation

Includes the removal of shingles down to the decking, with a full inspection to repair and replace decking where necessary.

Drip Edge

Installation of new metal drip edging along the entire edge of your new roof.

Proper Ventilation

Attic ventilation systems allow a continuous flow of outside air through the attic, protecting the efficiency of the insulation and helping to lower moisture and temperatures in the living space. Proper ventilation can extend the life of your roofing system, making it an important part of all of our roofing projects.

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